Google Launches New Responsive Themes for Blogger

Have you noticed the new blogger themes yet? Yes, I’m not kidding. Google seems to be serious about it’s blogging platform Blogger, and introducing updates and new features. There were some minor updates related to the Blogger dashboard back in November 2016. However, many bloggers didn’t like it. I was quite comfortable with those changes. But the recent introduction of new responsive themes is really a good gift by Google and would be welcomed by the majority of bloggers who are using this platform.

Well, I’m not going to write a detailed article on this right now, but let’s have a quick overview of the top features of these new blogger templates as per the initial observation. Will update this article later with more details, if required.

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Which are the new Themes introduced by Google for Blogger

Google has launched the following new featured and responsive theme for its blogger platform. Each of these themes comes with 5 different colors and styles. I’m also sharing the demo links along with the Theme names:

Features of new blogger themes

The new Blogger themes are packed with the following awesome and extremely welcomed features. I bet you would fall in Love with these if you are still using any of the default templates till now. There you go:

1. Full Responsive

All these four templates are fully responsive. That means no matter which device a user is visiting your blog from, they will not have any trouble viewing your contents. The templates will scale according to the device’s viewport to provide a seamless experience to the user using any kind of device.

2. Meant for Speed

All these new Blogger themes are meant for better speed. You will find a decrease in the blog’s loading time if you have started using these new themes. Since page loading speed directly impacts your user’s experience and also your site’s SEO.

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3. Material Design

All these templates incorporate Google’s Material Design. And of course, Material Design enhances user interface and experiene a lot. Using material design in blogger themes is really a good step by Google.

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4. Enhanced Social Sharing Feature

You get a completely redesigned social sharing widget with these new Blogger themes. This way user will get an enhanced experience while sharing your article on social media.

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5. Popular Post Widget

The popular posts widget at the end of single article will display the popular articles on your blog. So as soon as a reader reches the end of any article, he/she will find a list of popular articles and can read them.

There are many other minor and may be major changes which I still have to look through. I’ll update them here with some screen shots as well, if required.

Do share and comment your take on these new Blogger themes, or ask me if you have any query about these themes.

Happy Blogging!

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One Comment

  1. Great themes. In Contempto (and some others), you need to put two pages gadgets (one of top other) to prevent disapearing blog navigation.
    Look at that in my blog – this is home page:, and this is post page
    You can see on home two navigations, but on post page just one. If there be just one page gadget, then it will be displayed just on home – in post page there will be non of posibile navigation!
    So, this is solution for that little trouble. Just put another page gadget on top of other, and you can have navigation which do not disapear.

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