Free Download Similar to ShoutMeLoud WordPress Theme is India’s most famous professional blog. Yes, I am a serious fan of this blog and really inspired by this blog and the person behind it. The Harsh Agrawal. To be frank, I am blogging since 2010 but still a kind of newbie blogger. I am still learning stuffs, trying to write content rich article, trying to mingle with Bloggers virtually through joining blogs, interacting with them through blog commenting etc. etc.

Well, there are many things of, which I am fan of. Some of these are:

  • The Simple and Sober theme
  • The way things are arranged on the blog
  • The way Harsh and other writers write articles
  • The helpful nature of the writers and the fellow readers
  • and many more…

The first and foremost thing I look for any blog, is the Theme. May be, I am mad and I should not waste much time on themes etc. But still I can’t overcome with my this problem. In the process of getting a good theme for my blogs (Don’t want to spend on themes) I eventually ended up in designing my own theme (But good in web designing :P). Initially I took a minimal theme from WordPress theme and started editing it. Learned how to alter the header, content area, sidebar, footer etc. Then I came to know that, instead of making changed in the main theme files, I should create a child theme and customize it. Because if we have made any changes into the original theme files, and there is an update for the theme, our changes will lost. The other option is to backup the changes we made to theme, update the theme and then again make the same changes to the new theme files. Well, this is not at all a good idea, when you have a very good option, that is, to create a child theme. So for the first time, I took the Sparkling theme and customized it through a child theme. It was all a leaning phase, and I have shared the first child theme designed by me, here at my other blog. You can download that for free and use it 🙂

So that’s how I learned and design normal WordPress child theme. Then I came to Genesis framework. Genesis is really a powerful, robust, secured and out of the box SEO optimized framework for designing all kind of wordpress sides. Although, Genesis framework itself costs approx $60, I have shared the latest version of the Genesis framework for free here. I started learning Genesis Framework, and have designed some 3-4 child themes based on it.

Okay, coming back to my main point. I said why I like, and why I am a big fan of it. And like me, there are lots of people who are regular readers of ShoutMeLoud and loves many things including the theme of it. I have seen people asking at many places as how to design WordPress theme like ShoutMeLoud or which theme is used by ShoutMeLout etc. It’s actually a Genesis child theme specially designed for their blog. The theme is designed so nicely that everyone likes it.

I tried designing some themes identical to what is designed for ShoutMeLoud (Cannot design exactly as it is, copyright :P). Here you can see all the themes I have designed so far:

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”bubbles” size=”6″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: download”]Download Free Genesis Child Theme here[/su_button]

Also, I want some inputs from you regarding the ongoing design of these themes as what other stuffs I can include, how the design can be more attractive etc. etc. Any of your inputs are more than welcome.

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  1. hello ,admin i am alredy downalod your chlid theme but the problem is how add my twitter acccount link ,facebook link on the php… for socail follow plz advice . i use gen-mag pro update version

  2. Hi Vishal,
    I also want it and want to know whats is difference in child theme and child pro theme of genesis. Mail me bother.
    Roshan Singh

  3. Very nice article keep blogging
    WordPress offers several ways of changing an existing theme: through the WordPress dashboard, the WordPress theme directory, and FTP. When using the WordPress dashboard method, you first have to download the compressed version of the theme you want to install. This method is only accessible by those on

  4. Hello Vishal,
    I am newbie in Blogging,
    Thanks for sharing very Attractive theme with us.

    May I know which free newsletter plugin best for wordpress blog.

  5. Hi Bro Main Ne Free Similar to ShoutMeLoud WordPress Theme Download Ki aur jub apne wordpress ki site pe upload krta hon to yeh error ata hai kindly solution bata dein ….

    The parent theme could not be found. You will need to install the parent theme, genesis, before you can use this child theme.
    Thanks In Advance
    Shahzad Mustafa

  6. Hey buddy,
    I also want Shoutmeloud theme can you send me the link please and also post some article on this theme tutorial like how to set up and rank like shoutmeloud.

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