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TemplateMonster and MasterBundles are marketplaces where you can find all types of design elements and templates for web developers. In addition, these products have a fair price affordable for everyone. You can find here textures, icons, website and logo templates, web design WordPress themes, illustrations, and many more items.

And of course, marketplaces include a lot of texture and pattern packs. It is a basic part of all types of design and you can use it to develop a unique look for your project. Moreover, you can use ready-made items to decorate your website, cup, T-shirt or a notebook. Yet, you have to make the correct choice when it comes to background. Texture can both improve and ruin your design. This is why we present you with a list of top textures and patterns. These items are a result of designers’ hard work and they come at a good price.

Marble, Rose, Gold, Navy Blue & Luxury Textures

Sometimes you need a pink background or a texture made in soft colors. It is a frequent case for fashion stores and magazines, cosmetic shops, women or girl magazines, and many other design projects. And if you want to forget about long searching for a suitable texture or spending lot of time on developing your own design from the scratch then you have to purchase this great set of textures made in Marble, Rose, Gold, Navy Blue & Luxury styles. They are fully editable and come at a fair price.

Geometric Luxurygold Pattern

These exquisite patterns are perfect to be used for flyers, posts, cards, fabrics, and prints. There are 10 different designs in two style – luxury gold pattern with transparent or white background and white pattern with luxury gold background. As you can understand, there are 20 patterns that you can pay your attention to. All files included in the package have the size of 2700 x 2700 px and have high resolution (300 dpi). Make sure to grab these very geometric patterns in order to make your business shine.

Luxury Rose, Gold, Bronze Textures

This pack includes stylish and fashion textures you can use for any projects where you need a luxury look. It suits fashion industry websites, magazines, and merchandise. It is also perfect for model agencies, cosmetic stores, bag design, packaging design, cups, and even wall design. You can make any product, all you need is a visual editor and imagination. Included textures come in JPG format and have 3600×3600 pixels resolution. A good choice for web developers and designers

Seamless Grunge Pattern

You may notice that a retro style becomes voguish again. If you want to follow this trend, take a look at these grunge patterns that can be easily edited in Adobe Illustrator. When you choose this superb variant, you opt for a well-organized design that can be scaled to any size your soul wants. Remember that all files are presented in EPS format. Make sure you can work with such a format and edit all the necessary components..

540 Hand Crafted Patterns Super Bundle

Handcrafted patterns are very attractive and made with care items. If you have a handcrafted design item you can be sure it is a result of developers hard work and they will look good on any design product. Yet, you can’t use one texture or pattern over and over again. And search for a good product may be time-consuming and expensive. But we are here to help you out. With this 540 handcrafted patterns pack you will have many variants for all types of design. They come in various design and color scheme. This particular bundle includes 132 real metallic foil patterns, 84 watercolor patterns, and 324 best-selling classic patterns. Download it now and you’ll have a helpful designing tool for long years to come.

Watercolor Backgrounds

Watercolor backgrounds is an attractive and popular design element. And you can use it to create a book cover, smartphone cover, printed clothing design, website decoration or personal blog background. These backgrounds suit many more products and projects. You can freely experiment and play with background design to create something new or you can simply add text or images. It is up to you and your imagination. This multi tool set worth your attention and if you go to the product page you will find out more.  

Geometric Rosegold Pattern

If you are looking for geometric patterns that will make your printing projects stand out from the crowd, make certain to take a glance at this exciting variant. This luxurious variant will impress every single person. There are 20 patterns included in the package. Among them, you will find 10 rose gold patterns with a transparent background (PNG) and white background (JPEG) plus 10 light rose patterns with a rose gold background (JPEG). All files have high resolution (300 dpi) and have a size of 2700 x 2700 px.

Rose Gold Bronze Marble Textures

Though included textures were made in common marble style they have something special in design. You can mention that developers put a lot of effort to make it multipurpose and original. This pack includes bright and texture you can use for a blog, photo editing, advertising posters, and other design projects. Due to soft colors, it is a great choice for fashion stores, furniture shops, magazines and wedding agencies. And most importantly this pack comes at a fair price. After you purchase this pack you can use it for unlimited products and projects.

Terrazzo Natura

This pack of natural patterns looks like a real inspiration that you cannot pass by. It comes together with six sets of individual designs that are presented in dark and light versions. In general, there are 12 AI files (which are fully-editable), 12 EPS files (which are fully-editable and scalable too), and 12 JPEG files (that you cannot change). Furthermore, you can easily choose the most appropriate colors and make them match your ideas.

Bronze Foil Textures, Backgrounds

Bronze color tones are somehow very eye-catchy, especially combined with silver color tones. And if you need a background made in this style then we have a perfect product for you. This set of textures is multipurpose. Depending on how you use textures your design can be neutral or luxury. And if you play with design and combine a few textures you can get a new and unique look for your project. Simply use a visual editor and you are good to do.  All background textures were developed in .JPG format and have 3600×3600 resolution.


It is impossible not to fall in love with these marvelous patterns. There are 36 seamless patterns that you can use to make your cards, quotes, blog posts, and flyers better. Among them, you will find 14 individual designs that are presented in different color schemes. It is crucial to mention that files come in such formats as EPS (vector) and PNG or JPEG (which will impress you with their high-resolution of 300 dpi, in other words, 3300 x 3300 px).

Purple & Pink Galaxy Backgrounds

Galaxy textures are popular multitool for all designers. They are eye-catchy and suit multiple design projects. Especially if you have a set of galaxy textures. They come in pink and purple colors and you can use them in case you want to create a romantic or mysterious atmosphere. Moreover, you can use these textures to highlight your text or visual content.  It is a good items pack for a good price. We recommend you to go to the product page to see more and find more reasons to use these background textures.

Abstract Wooden Backgrounds

These abstract wooden backgrounds can be used for every project imaginable. They are capable of making various kinds of design better and adding something special to the overall appearance. Keep in mind that all files are presented in the EPS format. You can easily edit them in Adobe Illustrator without applying lots of efforts.

Folk Tale: a Set of Animals Illustrations and Decorative Elements

It is a great design pack that provides you not only with background textures. It is a fool design pack with animals, nature objects, alphabet, numbers, frames, and even more items. After you purchase this beautiful pack you’ll have numerous design options. It includes 10 backgrounds and you can use them aside from other items. Or you can use these items to create a new background. No matter how you use it, if you need a creative and absolutely cute design solution then you have found it.

Beside backgrounds, MasterBundles and TemplateMonster contain many more products and informative blog. MasterBundless blog has many articles with important information. For example, you can find more textures in 25 Free Stunning Unicorn Backgrounds & Patterns or you can read about the New Trend Alert: Marble Background In Digital and Print Design.

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