[Latest] Google AdSense Approval Guide

Are you struggling in getting your Google Adsense account approved? This Google AdSense Approval Guide 2020 will help you out in getting your Google Adsense application approved very easily. The actual time to get your application fully approved may vary from 24 hours to 7…

Re-activating Windows 10 after hardware change

Re-activating Windows 10 after Hardware Change or Transfer License to a New Computer

Are you facing trouble in activating windows 10 after changing some hardware of your computer? Here is the complete guide to help you fix that.


Microworkers Review – Legit? Scam? [Payment Proofs]

Looking for some way to earn money online? If you are a regular Internet user then you should have obviously tried many website offering money tricks or attracting people to join there site for earning money. They attract people and say them to pay one…

Chegg Expert Payment Dashboard launched

An Expert Payment Dashboard has been launched by Chegg today. This is a very helpful introduction by Chegg for its Subject Matter Experts. Earlier, we had to search our mailbox to find the payment details as there was no other way around to check that….


Change Permalink Structure after Migrating from Blogger to WordPress (And Retain all Traffic)

I have been planning to write this guide since I migrated my oldest blog from Blogger to WordPress earlier this year. That blog was on Blogger from the birth (2012). I attempted moving it from Blogger to WordPress for a few times in the span…


Completely Remove Blogger Template Footer Credit Links

In this article, I’ll show you how to Completely Remove Blogger Template Footer Credit Links step-by-step. I am not going to show you how to just hide the links. Instead, I’ll show you how to remove them completely, without your site being redirected to any other site….


Simple Contact Form with Bootstrap, PHP and Ajax (Updated to Bootstrap 4)

I am writing this simple yet very helpful tutorial about creating a simple contact form using Bootstrap and PHP. We will use Bootstrap to design the form and submit the form through an Ajax request to the server. At the backend, we will have PHP…

Top Textures & Patterns for Creatives

TemplateMonster and MasterBundles are marketplaces where you can find all types of design elements and templates for web developers. In addition, these products have a fair price affordable for everyone. You can find here textures, icons, website and logo templates, web design WordPress themes, illustrations,…

10 HTML5 Templates to Save Time and Budget on Site Launch

Content outline: Who Can Benefit from Using HTML Page Templates 10 Best HTML Page Templates Final Words Sooner or later every business or sole entrepreneur decides to expand the reach with the launch of the web presence. That’s always a smart move to make your…

15 Best Cars & Motorcycles WordPress Themes To Create A Brutal Presentation Of Your Business

There are a lot of cars & motorcycles ready-made website templates these days. Thus, it is pretty tough to choose the one that will perfectly fit your purposes and business in general. To say more, not every user has coding skills or programming knowledge to…