How to verify mobile number at has introduced the addition of mobile number into account. All you have to do is to add your mobile number and verify it by entering the verification PIN received on your mobile. You cannot accept further tasks if you haven’t verified your mobile number. But when you try to verify your number, there are situations when you don’t get the OTP on your mobile, and you fail to verify your number. And hence this solution 🙂

In this post, I want to help those who are facing problem in verifying their mobile number. Actually, after adding a mobile number to your account, Microworkers sends a verification PIN on your mobile via SMS, which you have to enter there in order to verify the mobile number. This PIN is similar to the PIN number we receive via post when we withdraw money from Microworkers for the first time.

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The problem here is that after adding the mobile number, people are not getting the PIN number on their mobile. They send the PIN free for first 3 times. After that, they charge $0.05 for every PIN number sent. One of my friends tried nearly 15 times, but he didn’t get any luck to get the PIN. So I started finding the solution and got it.


If your mobile is registered in DND you will not receive the PIN number. All you have to do is, check whether your mobile number is registered in DND or not. If it is, you have to STOP DND by sending an SMS like below:

STOP DND to 1909.
You can also call 1909 and remove your number from DND registry.

The above procedure is for India users only.

Note: After verifying your mobile number you can again start DND 😛

Further, if your number is registered to DND for no more than 90 days, you have to either wait for 90 days to complete or modify your mobile number (Add another mobile number). If you have another working mobile connection then first verify that your mobile number is not registered in DND registry.

In conclusion to my post, I can say that if your mobile number is registered in DND, you will not get the PIN. So either you have to Opt Out from the NDNC registry or modify the number with a new number which is not registered in DND. I have tried this solution with more than 3 accounts of my friends and all were successfully verified. You can check the DND registration status of your mobile number on various websites like:

If you are still facing any problem regarding the mobile number verification, please drop a comment.

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    1. Hi Nima. The area code you can leave blank and add your mobile number in the last field. If you still have any issues, please share a screenshot with us.

      1. mobile number verification ke liye abhi OTP option nahi he
        abhi hume sms karna padta he lekin international sms kaise kare number activate ke liye

        number verified ke liye international sms recharge thodi na karege
        dusra koi option ya trick ho to reply karna

  1. My mobile number is also not Registered with DND then also i am not receiving the pin, i have requested 5 times the pin.
    Please help me because i have 8.80 dollars in my account

  2. I’m from Russia… , i cant verify my phone.. , becoz.. i didnt got any pin code…
    i try 3 times.. but still didnt come pin code for my phone

  3. I also Tried With 2 Different Numbers But Both Of Them Are not registered with DND and ,but didn’t Get Sms For PIN verification.

  4. Hi Vishal. It seems your suggestion will work. But I saw your article only after finishing three free PINs in microworkers. I de-activated DND now. When I tried to get PIN again, nothing happens. They are not even trying to send new PIN. What can I do now? Should I add Money? Is that reliable? if so, how? Expecting your reply. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hi. I tried three times. later, based on your article, de-activated DND. now, they dont even send messages. what to do now?

    1. Well, at a point, you won’t be able to work on tasks if your mobile number is not verified. Try to follow the steps mentioned in the post to verify the mobile number.

      1. Vishal, I have followed up with the support team of microworkers for almost for a month but unfortunately they are not willing to send any PIN to my mobile beyond 3 times. Even they are not accepting if I change my mobile number for the PIN verification process. I badly need access to this site due to personal urgency, so kindly suggest me the best way to resolve this problem asap. Thanks in advance!

  6. I have tried to make even deposit thru skril, but system is asking for the PIN verification again. All the doors have been closed from my side. Support team is completely hopeless.

    Can you please guide me in such a way that I will get access to the system? This is very very urgent due to personal reasons. I can have a personal chat with you in case its required. Appreciate your kind support in this regard. Thanks!

  7. My 3 time chances to get the code already finished. I have no any balance in my MW account. Then how I get a verification code. Please reply

    1. You may need to add some money to MW account and then try to send a new PIN. However, kindly submit a support ticket and explain them the scenario. It may help.

    2. Do not rely on such fake portals and websites…I’ve also hope..very pathetic support system they have. If they are using Transactional route to send SMS, it will deliver even if you registered in DND registry.

  8. It does not allow me to do work and asking for the Pin. I tried 3 times and even tried with different number but still no luck.. What should I do…

  9. hi boss
    i requested for a pin to verify my number and when i received the pin, I entered the pin but it replys me by saying “pin doesn’t match, require for a new pin” for three good times with different pins
    please what should I do?

      1. Hi Arvinda. I hope you have followed all the steps mentioned in the guide to get the OTP. If you are still facing an issue, I suggest you raise a support ticket with Microworkers from within your account.

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