Earn Money through Online Shopping Affiliate Programs in India

We know that the trend of shopping online is increasing day by day. People prefer ordering things online, rather than going their selves to the market and buy from there. Although it’s not true in all cases, still shopping online in more convenient.

Here in this article, I’ll explain you how to earn real money using the affiliate programs of the top online shopping sites in India. Although there are many online shopping sites with affiliate programs, I’ll include Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal for now. The reason is, joining their affiliate program is very easy and there is no approval process as well. You can join their affiliate program and start promoting their products and earn money immediately.

In order to get you commission deposited into your bank account, you should have:

  • A valid PAN number
  • A working Bank account
  • Any valid ID proof (required by some programs only)

Even though you don’t have any of above, you can still go ahead, sign up for the affiliate account(s) and start earning money immediately. Once you reach the minimum payment threshold, you have to provide your Bank account details along with the scanned copy of your PAN card, Bank Passbook/Cancelled check copy. The document required may differ program by program.

What are the benefits of affiliate programs?

There are many benefits of joining online shopping affiliate programs and earning money from them. Here are the major benefits you will get:

  • There is no joining fee, it’s all free
  • Easy to join and start earning
  • No specific skills required
  • Easy payment
  • No restrictions on type of products to be promoted
  • You can promote any product through any medium. E.g. Blog/Website, Email, Direct link sharing through Social media, messaging
  • Handsome commission on each conversion

How to Join affiliate program of any online shopping site?

Joining an affiliate program of an online shopping site is very easy and straightforward. Here I’ll guide you step-by-step as how you can join affiliate programs of different online shopping sites.

1. Amazon.com

  • Visit the Amazon Associate program site here
  • Click on the Join Now for FREE! button
  • Enter your email or mobile number. If you have an Amazon account already, click on I am a returning customer and enter your password. Else, click on I am a new customer. Then you can create a new account by filling up your name, email and create a new password for your account
  • Once this is done, you have to fill some more information in the next step. This information is related to contact person, payment and website information etc.
  • After finishing all these steps, you can start promoting their products and earn immediately. You can generate affiliate links from the Associates Central
  • Using the Associates Central is easy enough. If you still feel any difficulty, you can drop a comment and I’ll be happy to help you

2. Flipkart.com

  • Visit the Flipkart affiliate program site here
  • Click on the JOIN NOW FOR FREE button
  • Enter your email address and new password for two times. Check the reCAPTCHA checkbox and Flipkart Affiliate Program terms and conditions checkbox and click on REGISTER ME button
  • You will receive a confirmation email. Confirm your email address.
  • You are good to go now!

Note: Flipkart has an App Install campaign. If any person installs the flipkart Android app on his/her mobile for first time using your affiliate link, you will receive commission. This commission is upto Rs. 40/install.

3. Snapdeal.com [Discontinued]

  • Visit the Snapdeal Affiliate Program site here
  • Click on the JOIN NOW button
  • Enter your name and new password for two times and click on Register button
  • Verify your email and you are done

Here, I am not explaining each and everything in details as things are self-explanatory once you are signed up and logged into the affiliate dashboard. You still can ask any query using comment, and I’ll be happy to answer you.

Bonus Tips for Online Shopping Affiliate marketing:

  • Receive commission for any product purchase via your affiliate link. If the end user has visited the shopping site through one of your affiliate link for a specific product and ends up buying any other product, you will still receive the commission. It’s not necessary that the user should buy the same product as the link was created for, in order to get your commission.
  • Whenever the sites host any big deals, you will receive an email for the same. Promote those deal, as they have big discounts. So you will get more conversion.

Happy Earnings!

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