How to Find and Hire Affordable copywriters for your Business?

With the recent boom in various websites offering freelance copywriting services, there has been a deluge of writers all over. However, hiring good yet affordable copywriters can be quite a tedious, painstaking and time taking job as the final selection usually takes a long time. You may post an ad for a particular job only to be flooded with bids and applications, most of which don’t meet your requirements by miles. Apart from filling up your garbage can with rejected applications, what do you do then to zero in on the right person?

Selecting the best

Fine and flashy resumes don’t mean a dime and you may simply reject the MLA manual. What you or your brand actually needs is some great and attention grabbing headlines, compelling and detailed product descriptions and memorable email campaigns that create the appropriate brand awareness and brand recall and, more importantly sell your product.

That’s why you need to turn to the professionals to help you out with your problem. Take Contentmart for example. This is one site that is dedicated to providing high-quality copywriting services to its clients worldwide. Be it writers for technical, business, healthcare-related or general issues, Contentmart has it all.

How to select?

Work out your wants first

That is to say prioritize your requirements. What kind of a writer are you looking for? Each writer specializes in a particular subject. So you first need to look whether he fits in with your specific requirement. Never look to hire someone with the expectation that he’s an expert on everything.

Decide on skill levels required

Once the different areas have been identified for copy requirements, you can start streamlining different types of writers who may be hired. For a single project, a contract writer or freelancer is good enough. Try online content marketplace Contentmart for straightforward and simple writing gigs. For instance, if you require SEO work or product writing ask for your brand or website, Contentmart can deliver high-quality content. You can always keep the writer on a retainer basis if you are satisfied with his/her work.

How to find Find and Hire Affordable copywriters for your business

Regular jobs: If the job is an ongoing one, you have two choices: Hire a full-time writer. This, however, may not be an affordable option, but gives the copywriter an opportunity to intimately know your brand. It could be a worthwhile investment as words are indeed important to your business. Alternately, you could hire someone on a monthly stipend. This steady monthly income could be a suitable incentive and it sure proves handy to have someone readily on call as copy projects keep popping up.

Check credentials

No matter who you hire, check out his credentials first. A two-part edit test could test his writing skills on specific tasks that need to be done. Once this is done, give him your feedback and check how he modifies his work on your instructions. This will give you a clear idea of how good he will ultimately be as a writer and collaborator later.

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