GoogieHost Review: Free Web Hosting with SSL and much more..

Earlier I have posted one article describing about premium web hosting, which is given free. This hosting is free for one year, plus it is given only to students. Which means, whoever is applying for the free web-hosting should have a valid student identity card. You can read about that web-hosting and steps to grab it for free, here.

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In the process of exploring different free stuffs like Web Hosting, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins etc., I came across one more free Web Hosting provider GoogieHost, which is a bit different from all other free hosts I have explored till now. Okay, so now lets talk about the features provided by this free web hosts.

1. 1000 MB Disk Space

This free web hosting package comes with a disk space of 1000 MB (~1GB). This much space is enough for a blogger who has just started.

2. Free SSL certificate

This is the first free web host I found till date, which provides free SSL certificates without any costs. Installing the SSL certificate is also easy. I like this feature and yes, I’m using this for my blog too 🙂

3. Unlimited Bandwidth

They offer unlimited bandwidth with the free hosting also. That means, you will not run out of bandwidth, even though you are getting 1000s of page views per day.

4. Completely Free

Like some other free hosts, this is also completely free. Means there is no hidden charge, no renewal charge. And of course, no advertisements.

5. 2 Email accounts

We can create two email account like [email protected] with each hosting account.

6. Unlimited sub domains

We can create unlimited sub domains like with this free hosting package.

7. 2 MySQL databases

This is one of the features I like over other free web hosts. Generally all free web hosts offer only one MySQL database. If we just want to run a simple blog/website, one database is enough. But if if we want to deploy any other application, which requires a dedicated database, this feature will be useful.

8. 2 FTP accounts

Uploading/Downloading files to and from a web space is more convenient through FTP than a browser file manager. We can use FTP accounts with any FTP client like FileZilla, and make file transfer easy.

9. Free Helpdesk Support

Even though it’s a free web hosting package, we get full support from the dedicated help desk through the support section. We can open support tickets for any kind of support.

10. and count these too…

Other than the above mentioned features, here are some more which make this free hosting package even stronger and worth trying at least once.

  • Free Website builder
  • Free Website templates
  • Free CMS installer
  • Online file manager
  • SSH, PHP all versions
  • Spam Protection
  • Hotlink protection

Hope this article will be somewhat helpful for those who are looking for a good and reliable free web hosting. Free web hosting helps a new blogger to kick-start a blog with a less or no investment on web hosting and other setup. If you think this may be helpful, please share this article on social sites, and let the world know about it.

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