5 Reasons to switch to WordPress Hosting

When you’re a fresher in the online industry, with a plethora of hosting services available, the one common question is ‘Which hosting to purchase’ for my website. At a time like this, most website owners end up purchasing Shared Hosting as it is affordable and offers several good features for a newbie. However, as the traffic and needs of your website grow, Shared Hosting many-a-times is unable to take in the load, and a switch becomes of utmost necessity.

Deciding the right hosting ends up being a more difficult task than everything else. Nevertheless, WordPress Hosting comes to the rescue and is one of the best hosting services available.

Some More about WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting comes in two forms, Unmanaged WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting. In Managed WordPress Hosting, the user can comfortably concentrate on his/her website while the technical aspects of managing the website are done by the web hosting provider. Whereas on the other hand, in Unmanaged WordPress Hosting the user has to manage all the activities related to website management as the service provider only provides support and hosting space.

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On a whole, the best WordPress Hosting can be considered to be Managed, though for some Unmanaged also works well. Irrespective of choosing either, the advantages offered by both remain the same.

Let us see, some of the primary advantages of WordPress Hosting.

1. Security

Website security is one of the most important aspects that concerns all website owners, be it a personal website or professional one. In traditional Shared Hosting, one server is shared amongst multiple websites and this involves a considerable risk factor.

However, with WordPress Hosting monitoring the security is comparatively easier. WordPress Hosting from some hosting providers are considered to be the best WordPress Hosting because it is a cloud-based solution and includes features like website scanning that allows users to run malware scans as well as several FTP tests.

2. Automatic Backups

Think of a scenario where you had to take a backup manually each time and you forgot once, and just as luck would have it, your network fails or your website shuts down unexpectedly. And oh no, you lose all your data. In times like these, automatic backups come in handy. WordPress Hosting includes Automatic Backup solutions that restore your data with a single click in case of accidental data loss.

3. Flexible Resources in Plans

When it comes to plans, easy scalability and upgradation of resources are crucial. Several hosting service providers do not offer easy upgrade or downgrade of the chosen web hosting.

The best WordPress hosting allows adding additional RAM or CPU cores in an extremely easy manner. When selecting a WordPress hosting provider, take utmost care to take note of all these features, as you may need to modify the resources depending on the traffic on your website.

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4. Regular Updates

The next important feature of WordPress Hosting is its timely updates. If you have a WordPress website it makes sense to switch it to WordPress Hosting as WordPress usually releases several updates. With WordPress Hosting you need not worry about updating your websites as it provides regular and automatic WordPress core updates. This only helps in the performance of your website but also strengthens the security of your website.

5. Excellent Support

When it comes to the management and maintenance of your website, support is very important. The best WordPress Hosting would have a good and skilled support team that is available 24*7 to its customers via chat, email, and telephone. One way of knowing if the support is really good as the service provider says is to check them before purchasing from them. If your queries are answered in a way that satisfies you then you can definitely go with the chosen WordPress hosting provider.

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At the End

These are the top five advantages of WordPress Hosting and the best WordPress hosting not only helps SMBs but also blogging websites. On a whole, WordPress Hosting proves to be a good and intelligent switch when compared to the other hosting services, as it is both affordable and has many features.

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