What is the lead generation process for real estate?

Any business whether online or offline, depends somehow on lead generation. What does a lead generation mean? If we talk in brief, lead generation is a process of converting your potential customers into real customers/buyers. In offline scenario, potentials customers are known via offline advertising, workshops etc. Once you get a list of such potential customers, you discuss with them individually or in groups and explain about your product/plan etc. If the person gets convinced, you end up converting that person into a buyer/customer. Easy enough?

Alright, now let’s talk a bit about the lead generation process for real estate. The process is similar to what I explained above. Here, I’ll explain how you can generate leads via your website or email list. Once a potential buyer visits your website, a Chatbot on your website starts interacting with/him/her. If the person is convinced with the information provided via the Chatbot, he/she continues the conversation getting more desired information. Well, you may ask what is the benefit of having a Chatbot over a human being right there discussing with the potential buyer. Hmm, what if there are 500-1000 real-time visitors on your website seeking for information. Would it be feasible to deploy those many human beings? I doubt.

Chatbot can provide perfect information to thousands of visitors at the same time.

The Chatbot can do some magic as well, for you. You can send advertising/marketing emails to the list of your potential buyers and ask them to share with say 5-10 people. If the total share count is in 1000s, the chance of getting more buyers are way too high. Also, the bot can ask those people to further share the email and it keeps going. See, how awesome the Chatbot works, without getting tired 🙂

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