Ultimate Guide to Increase Adsense Earnings Smartly

Read this Ultimate Guide to Increase Adsense Earnings Smartly without working hard. The tips mentioned in this article may seem to be sily, but just give your thought once, and your may find them really helpful.

Well, this may not be a suggested way to earn money through your Adsense account, but in my opinion, it’s not bad. That’s mainly because, this way you can help other people also, at the same time increasing your own revenue. Yeah, it sounds bit confusing. No worries, going forward in this article, I’ll clear all this confusion. Even I was being confused whether to share this idea or not, because people may not find this worth. But at the end, I decided to write and share.

Who this article is useful for?

  1. Bloggers/Webmasters, having approved Google Adsense account but are not getting much traffic on their blog(s)/sites(s) and also don’t want to work hard to write contents and gain traffic.
  2. Bloggers/Webmasters, having blog(s)/sites(s) with considerable organic/social media traffic, but are not able to get an Adsense account approved, even after multiple attempts.

1. Bloggers/Webmasters, having approved Google Adsense account

Those who are having an approved Adsense account, can increase their Adsense revenue by inviting other people to contribute to their Adsense account. Although you can officially invite people to manage your Adsense account, I would prefer sharing just Ad Codes. Here are some instructions you can follow before sharing your ad codes with anyone:

  • First of all, review the site yourself where the Ad code is to be placed. Confirm with the site/blog owner why the Adsense account is not being approved for that site. If the reasons are simple, like Site Navigation issue, Page type issues etc. you can go ahead. If the reason is ‘Site does not comply with Adsense policies‘ better not to share the code with that site, or review the site carefully before proceeding.
  • Check the contents of the requester’s site/blog whether it is Genuine and Unique or copied from some other places. Also make sure the contents comply with Google policies.
  • Once you are sure about the site/blog, add that site/blog url to Owned site in your Adsense account. Also check the checkbox saying, ‘Only my owned sites are authorized to use my ad code’. This way you can save your Adsense ad code from being misused.
  • Now create new Ad Code, give it proper name and Get the code. Share this code with the site/blog owner, and ask him/her to put it on appropriate place. You can also decide the revenue share beforehand.
  • Monitor the performance for some days, and if you think its doing well, continue it. Otherwise you may take appropriate decision.
  • That’s how it’s done 🙂
Its seems to be an easy and good idea for increasing your Adsense revenue, there are some risks involved in that. The main risk is ‘Invalid Clicks’. Better monitor the performance for 2-3 days, and if you find something misbehaving, stop displaying ads on that site(s).

2. Bloggers/Webmasters, having blog(s)/sites(s) with considerable organic/social media traffic

If you are the one, having blog(s)/site(s) with considerable traffic from different sources, but not getting a Google Adsense account approved, even after multiple attempts. You can read the ultimate guide for getting an Adsense account approved, here before you want to share someone’s Adsense account. If you tried all the possible ways, and still facing issues, you can proceed with this idea. Only thing you have to do is, find someone who can share his/her Adsense account/code with you, and agree to pay you some revenue share (This can be decided on mutual understating).

Those who are not able to get Adsense account approved, and want to earn money by displaying Adsense Ads on their sites/blogs, send me an email at [email protected] or just put a comment. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

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